Found My Passion, Lost My Will, Rediscovered My Purpose: Here's How You Can Too

Sometimes love just isn't enough especially when it comes to the tedious, mind-numbing, and often anxiety-filled experience of starting, growing, and sustaining a business. 

What starts off as a thrilling adventure, quickly becomes a ride you soon realize you're not quite ready for. One that includes endless twists, turns, and high drama that leaves you questioning your sanity, judgment, and whether you're cut out to do the very thing you were once absolutely convinced was your passion, calling, and purpose. 

Three years ago, when I made the decision to embark on my entrepreneurial journey, the sheer excitement of launching something that would be all mine was like an injection of adrenaline right into my veins. I'd get so wrapped up in the planning and brainstorming that I would lose hours in my days...and nights. 

As the weeks, months, and years went by, disappointments, difficult clients, and endless hours that yielded little results left me drained and despondent. I started to question whether I was doing what I really wanted to do and whether I was even cut out to be an entrepreneur. 

So, not one to take a butt-kicking lying down, I made the decision to fight back.

Here are 5 things I did to reignite the passion that drove me to embark on the journey of starting my business.

  1. Reconnect with your "why." Remember how unhappy you were working that full-time job that was building on someone else's dream? Or that gleeful moment when you finally settled on the perfect name for your company...remember the thrill?

  2. Take inventory of lessons learned and mistakes made. I bet if you really think about it, you will realize that you are a better person today because of all you've experienced. I know I am. 

  3. Break up with your routines and habits. Find new inspiration to help get out of the rut. For me, it was finding new work environments to help spark new bursts of creativity.  So try heading to a new coffee shop or cafe with free WIFI, instead of hiding in your home office or worse, wasting away on the couch. 

  4. Practice self-care. Get into the habit of exercising, eating better, spending time with your family and friends, and simply relaxing more. I had to really make an effort here. I didn't realize how hardwired I was to keep chipping away at the mountain of work I needed to get through, even when I was supposed to be resting. Commit to uninterrupted self-care.

  5. Give back to get back. Connect with someone new to your field or new to the entrepreneur life.  Offer to mentor them and use the opportunity to exchange to soak up some of their enthusiasm and excitement.