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Birds of Paradise Public Relations is a full-service public relations agency powered by daughters of the Caribbean.

With a presence in Miami, Los Angeles, and the Caribbean, we are a boutique shop with a global footprint. We are a perfect blend of world-class public relations savvy and strong Caribbean work ethic. We produce integrated PR campaigns for established companies and startups and have a soft spot for multicultural brands. For us, public relations is both a passion and an art.

the team


Ruthie Thomas

Founder & CEO

After several years at an award-winning public affairs agency and working client-side at an esteemed global law firm, Ruthie launched Birds of Paradise Public Relations. By combining her passion for public relations with love for her culture and home, she created a communications agency that helps businesses and individuals throughout the Caribbean, and within the diaspora, engage in genuine dialogue with their audiences. From designing and managing comprehensive PR campaigns to forging major influencer and brand partnerships, Ruthie gets a thrill from having the opportunity to pursue her passion on her own terms.


Gandra Thomas

Co-Founder & COO

A natural-born leader with powerful business acumen skills, Gandra encouraged her sister Ruthie to launch Birds of Paradise Public Relations. She saw the opportunity to make an impact by helping multicultural startups share their stories, through digital storytelling.With a background in social work, excellent intuition, and a nimble approach to managing an ever-evolving business, Gandra has the battle-tested skills and experience to oversee the daily operations of Birds of Paradise Public Relations.

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Valeria Mercedes

Director of Communications

Valeria has been a producer for top-rated local newscasts in a highly competitive television market for the last 10 years. She has produced news coverage for numerous headline-grabbing stories that affected the east coast of the United States including Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and a surprise October snowstorm that left thousands without power for days. She uses her background in news to help guide communications and media outreach strategy.


Analinda Meneses

Director of Content Marketing

Analinda is a Content Marketing expert with a diverse portfolio that has touched various industries including lifestyle, fashion, product, destination, culinary and health care.  She is a visionary experienced in curating captivating digital content and compelling copy that engages and informs a target audience through the art of storytelling.